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Born and raised in Spain's multicultural capital Madrid, Sergio de la Flora is an artist now residing in Barcelona. It all started back in 2004, Sergio was influenced by hip-hop music and its scene, which led him to start doing graffiti as a creative outlet. In 2013, Sergio decided to move to London, but it took until 2016 for him to finally pick up a brush for first time. Sergio started trying different techniques and experimented many months until he found oil painting for himself. In 2018 he moved to Miami (USA) Where he was very focused on his artwork. He spent most of his days painting and improving his skills as a painter. Miami is the place where he had his very first exhibitions and won an art contest. 

About mid-2019 Sergio decided to move back to Spain to study art at the famous Barcelona Academy of Art. So he could create a better foundation, amplify knowledge and techniques and so become a more developed artist. Said and done: In two years of living in Barcelona, Sergio has already finished his studies and achieved to participate in a few art exhibitions at different venues from art galleries to creative hubs and hotels. In his first artworks, you can see a very deep feeling of expression through surrealism. 

After it, Sergio was more focused on realism portraits and social works without losing his background and crude view of reality.




-Mad Radio, Barcelona, Spain.

-"Resiliencia" at Perros Mediterráneos, Barcelona, Spain

-"Di su nombre" at Perros Mediterráneos, Barcelona, Spain


-"Transvaluation" at HAF Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

-HQ private social club, Barcelona, Spain



-"Y dios me hizo mujer" at Wylsum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain



-Hot as Foc, Barcelona, Spain.

-Raima Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

-Espai Begge Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain


-Raima Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

-Espai Diande African Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

-La Panafricana, Barcelona, Spain

-"Metamorfosis" Virtual Gallery for Wylsum Gallery and Explorins.


-Toc Hostel&Suits, Barcelona, Spain

-Fiu House, Barcelona, Spain

-"La Galerista Colectiva II" at Wylsum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


-"La Galerista Colectiva II" at Wylsum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

-JPA Gallery, North Miami, FL, USA

-"Misnoma" at Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

-"The Frank Contemporaries" at The Frank Gallery, Pembroke Pine, FL, USA

-"Art Sea" Spanish Fine Art at Trump International Beach Resort, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, USA

-"Impressions" at Bonnet House and Gardens Museum, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

-"Underneath the Veil" Black history month show at Art Serve Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

-"Art Bravo" at Art Serve Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

-Indra Lounge and Art Gallery, Wilton Manor, FL, USA

-YOLO'S Restaurant, Las Olas, FL, USA


-Gosa Gallery at Art basel Event, Miami, FL, USA.

-Basel house at Art Basel Event, Miami, FL, USA.

-Niteowlgathering at Town House Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA.

-Wynwood Art Walk Event, Miami, FL, USA

-Fort Lauderdale ArtWalk Event, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA



-"Best in Show" Art Bravo Contest at Art Serve Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


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